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Construction Risk Management and Litigation for Peoria, IL and Environs.

The Peoria Construction Law Office of William C. Connor provides clients with assertive legal representation in a variety of issues pertaining to all phases of construction. Every project presents unique risks, challenges and conditions, and while it’s better for all involved to address these issues up front with solid, skillfully negotiated contracts, we understand that it doesn’t always work out the way we would prefer.

That’s why for over 25 years, when the chips are down, Peoria area construction litigation clients have depended on William Connor to defend their interests forcefully and with peerless integrity.

Business Acquisition Attorney for the Peoria, IL Area.

With four attorneys available, our law offices are fully prepared to assist you with any business acquisition matters, from entity formation and succession planning, to commercial real estate acquisition and development, to Section 388 transactions.

Close the Deal. Protect Our Client.

These are our most important objectives with each transaction. To facilitate these goals we provide:

  • Prompt client response
  • Cloud access to the transaction documents as they are being formulated
  • Flexible office hours to fit your schedule

Every business transaction comes with its own set of intricacies. Our attorneys have more than two decades of experience with complex sales, contract negotiations, and construction project risk avoidance.

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  • Here is a recent case regarding landlord/tenant litigation: Plaintiff landlord had entered into a five-year lease with SSM and that SSM later assigned this lease to defendant with plaintiff's consent. Defendant acknowledged that, upon assuming the lease and during the remaining term of the lease, defendant paid both the rent and the monthly payment for the HVAC improvements. However, defendant claimed that it was not obligated to pay the remaining cost of the HVAC improvements after the lease ended. The court said, Plaintiff alleges that defendant’s predecessor agreed that certain improvements to the property would be paid over a 15-year amortization schedule, in addition to the rent payments due during the 5-year term of the lease. Defendant then assumed its predecessor’s obligations when it was assigned the lease. Plaintiff alleges that it fully performed its HVAC obligation under the lease when it improved the HVAC units on the property. If plaintiff fully performed this requirement as it alleges, then the alleged debt to repay for these improvements had matured prior to the sale of the property. Our holding is similar to the holding in Metropolitan Trust, where the tenant’s rent debt had matured because the landlord had fully performed prior to the cancellation of the lease. Since defendant’s debt had allegedly matured, it did not pass on to the subsequent owners of the property. A.M. Realty Western, LLC. v. MSMC Realty, LLC. , 2012 IL App (1st) 121183 (November 30, 2012) Cook Co.,6th Div. (R. GORDON) Reversed and remanded

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