Estate Planning and Probate Law

Don’t Allow A Lifetime of Smart Saving to be Wiped Out by Events You Can’t Control

Estate Planning and Probate Law are critical components of your comprehensive personal lifetime financial strategy. Our Probate and Estate Planning professionals will help ensure that should you become gravely ill, your written instructions are followed with regard to your health care, and that in the event of your death, your assets are distributed according to your written wishes rather than laws of succession.

Another good reason to have your estate plan in order………..

The loved ones of many deceased people are discovering that access to the deceased ‘s various email accounts and social networking sites can vary from company to company.  Some families can’t get access.  Others can get access but then find hidden things about their loved ones that they may wish they had not discovered.  Some companies will give the family access fairly easily, but others view such access as exclusively that of the deceased.  Rules also differ by State.  A good idea is to include in your Will or Trust and powers of attorney whether you want your representative (executor, trustee, agent…) to have access to your various online accounts.

Estate Planning

We understand that each client’s situation and desires are unique. We’ll examine your objectives in light of current laws and foreseeable changes in the law. Then our Estate Planning attorneys will develop plans customized to your wishes, offering both immediate and long-term tax savings.

Our Estate Planning Services Include

  • Drafting Wills
  • Drafting healthcare Powers of Attorney (also known as Living Wills or Advanced Directives)
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney for property
  • Drafting Special Needs Trusts for minors or adults with disabilities to protect their assets and government assistance
  • Drafting Living (also known as Inter Vivos) Trusts to deal with second marriage or step children issues, as well as state and federal estate tax issues

You’ve spent a lifetime striving to establish a comfortable lifestyle and legacy for your loved ones or favorite charities. We’re proud to play a part in helping you secure it.

Probate Matters

Probate is the process whereby title to the assets of the deceased are transferred, and any claims against those assets are resolved by the Court. Proper probate and trust administration will ensure the optimal benefit of all lifetime planning effort, while minimizing the income, estate, and generation-skipping taxes that apply upon death.

Failure to adhere to the law can result in legal liability for the beneficiaries of your Will or Trust, or even create strife within your family at a time of heightened emotional distress. Don’t let this happen.

Our Probate Services Include

  • Will or Trust contests (these can be based on undue influence, mental incapacity and interference with an inheritance)
  • Will or Trust interpretation disputes
  • Litigation of disputed claims filed against the estate
  • Litigation of claims the estate has against others
  • Disputes over the appropriate estate executor or administrator

We’re committed to the effective administration of your Estate or Trust on behalf of your and your intended beneficiaries.

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